Get it Flared

It took me a few years, getting used to the curve-hugging skinny jeans. I tried my first skinny together with a friend who has two perfectly shaped sticks for legs. Standing next to her in the same jeans, made me decide it wasn’t for me – especially when she said “I don’t think these jeans are for you”.

Although my first experience with skinnies wasn’t great, I’m hooked. I wear my black slightly destroyed denim tight around my ankles every day – love it! But as Bob Dylan sings, the times they are changing. The 70s are coming back, flared and bell bottomed. Although, the great thing about current fashion, you can wear whatever. So if you want to wear tight carrot shaped jeans, you can! If you rather wear a baggy jeans or the even stranger culotte pants, it’s okay! Yay!

To be honest though, looking at how we are reinventing the 70s look, it does look stunning!! The bell bottom pants can have a luxurious feel or a cool hippie look and are great for your figure. So yes, maybe I can be persuaded…



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