All Loafered Up

So, I got a thing for shoes. When I see a pair I like, no let me correct that: love, I just need to buy them. Even when I already emptied my bankaccount and only have enough money left to keep myself fed until payday. Some would call this ‘a problem’. I like to call it passionate. I’m passionate about shoes, I’m always on the lookout to spot a new dream pair.

As mentioned earlier, I only buy shoes when I love them. A big change in my strategy of buying shoes is moving from like to love. Now, I’m not wasting time and money on something I just like, I need to LOVE it! Yes, I wrote that in capitals so you shout it in your head while reading. It’s a good strategy, it saves a lot of wrong purchases and frustration in the end as you don’t have to feel guilty anymore when you forgot to return the item you liked in the store, but didn’t like anymore at home. So a friendly tip: buy the stuff you love, no even better, buy the stuff you LOVE, and forget about the rest.

Back to shoes, this season there are different styles. One of them is the unblemished white sneaker, like the very obvious ones from Adidas. Personally, I’m very much into loafers. Also a shoe you can wear this season and the next one. Actually, a shoes you can always wear if you ask me. I’m also a big fan of brogues, and I don’t mind the update they had this year, at all: the platform brogue. In this post I’ll focus on loafers, as those are my personal favourite. I’ll publish a post about white sneakers and one about brogues later – pinky promise.

Loafers this season have had an update, don’t get dull ones or a pair with a rounded nose; they might look like ordinary flats, and we don’t want that!! So buy a pair with a different nose, a nice detail or go for an outrageous colour or pattern. Loafers should be cool! My short list of loafer loves:




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