About – who writes for this blog?

What does it mean, to fish or cut bait? It basically stands for: go for it, or leave it. Don’t do things half as good as you could do them, put your foot down – peddle to the metal – and give it your all. That, or just don’t bother. That’s it, and I totally believe in that.

I’m Anna van den Broek, half Dutch, half German and writing in English – it’s such a great language. I have a healthy obsession with vintage photography, I especially love those crazy Victorians and the early twenties. I have cats, two of them. They don’t have any hair, so yes, they are naked and awesome. I like to wonder off, in my mind and in real life.

Hiking and discovering nature is something I grew up with. So yeah, I love nature and animals… A lot. Not only the animals amongst us, but also the extinct and the fictional – Dinosaurs and Unicorns are so cool. According to some people, I spend too much time online… I’m also into fashion, not fashionista-like though, and I love food and drinks, they make me happy, very happy, especially in combination with friends, family and loved ones.

I guess that’s all you need to know, oh yeah, I write about things I love here, so check it out!

by Hagen van den Broek. CC-BY-NC-NC


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